PROJECTS (coming soon)


Through the fundamental absence of quest, joy will be the quest.

It is a language that allows dialogue in creation. Both original and final emotion, stimulates chaos, unleashes passions, and frees gesture. Through deep feelings, it animates desires. Through the pleasure of the moment, it breathes life.

All the better! Because our world is a sculpture, and we are the hands.

With joy, let's give birth to spaces-times, give back to the creative act its letters of tenderness, and provoke collisions, which provoke others...


Delightful, volcanic, musical, prophetic, intense alloy, or scented with a necessary impertinence, Collaborations will nourish themselves. They will dance.

Because everything is movement: new orders are defined, others collapse. Torrents. A picture is worth 10,000 years.

In the tumult of eras and the cascades of existence, let's give pride of place to joy and its sensory frankness!

(Frankly, the senses know no other way to speak.)

May it generate creations, in turn, down-to-earth and high-perched.

May it allow singular visions to meet.

May it be the artistic cradle of universes, languages and possibilities.

The time has come to re-enchant creation through joy. Of pure, contagious, and manifest joy.

It only takes a sparkle: let's sparkle.

It only takes a spark: let's spark.

Here, joy will be massive.

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